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You Hass to Toast to a Butter Breakfast, Just Like Royalty


You Hass to Toast to a Butter Breakfast, Just Like Royalty

How many of you skip breakfast because you aren’t hungry or don’t have time to make something to eat? Well, you aren’t alone. Nearly one-quarter of Americans skip breakfast every day. (1) Traditionally, people often skip breakfast because they thought that it will help them lose weight or they rather have a few more minutes of those ZzzZzz's. (2) To combat this habit, I am celebrating National Better Breakfast Day and National Breakfast Month with you. I am here to inspire you to eat breakfast as it is the meal for champions, fitting only for kings and queens.

Research shows that eating breakfast improves concentration in school or your job, better brain function, and even regulates your metabolism to prevent obesity or other metabolic disorders. (3) When children eat breakfast, they do better in math, reading, and standardized tests. Children who eat breakfast also have fewer behavior problems with regular eating habits that may prevent childhood obesity. (4) So if there is a child in your life that you love to death, pick up the breakfast habit to set a good example for them.

Now you must be wondering what a good breakfast looks like. The best breakfast is one that contains nutrient-dense foods filled with whole grains, fiber, protein, and of course fruits and vegetables just like MyPlate. Eating this type of meal will ensure that you are fueled up and have the nutrients to stay focused during a busy day. (5) The following are some breakfast items that are quicker to make than standing in line at a fast food joint during the morning rush.


The Peanut Butter and Chia Seed Toast is the first easy recipe to put together. Toast a slice of whole grain bread, slather it with a type of nut butter, and the top with chia seeds with a light drizzle of honey. Pair this with milk or fortified soy milk and an orange. You are now good to go!


The next breakfast idea is a Colorful Instant Oatmeal. Microwave some instant oats in milk or soy milk. Top the oatmeal with pumpkin seeds, dried or frozen fruit, and a dash of cinnamon. If you need more sugar in your life add some honey or agave.


Lastly, if you are feeling fancy and have a little more time on your hands, try an Avocado Toast with Sunny Side Up Egg. Use cooking spray or butter on a hot pan to fry a fresh egg, sunny side up. Smash your avocado and then mix in with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Then spread the avocado over the toasted bread. Finally, add some crumbled cheese like feta, cotija, or goat cheese and then top off with an egg or two. If you are looking for a little kick, add fresh cracked black pepper or crushed red pepper flakes. Pair this with a cup of fresh calcium and vitamin D fortified orange juice or milk!

I hope that these simple and healthy recipes inspire you to have a Better Breakfast to help fuel your day. Happy cooking and eating, your majesty!


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